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Mike Hair Posted On:2009-09-03 22:28:15
Hi all, my name is Mike Hair, I have been involved in the vibration training industry for coming up 4 years now. My wife Tracy and I run our own studio in the lower half of the south Island of New Zealand. I am more excited about this industry today than I have ever been, . I have seen a lot of ups and downs over the last 4 years and believe we are on the verge of something big. I will answer any questions and help out where I can, but be prepared it will be the truth and sometimes it will be blunt and to the point. I have absolutely no time for lazy people and marketers of bad products.
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train.Com Posted On:2009-09-03 21:49:58
Hello all, I am Lloyd Shaw the International Product Manager for Vibra-Train Ltd. I will endeavor at all times to answer any questions regarding my industry in an unbiased fashion. I will also do allot of work to help protect the consumer and hopefully reading the articles on this site ( quite a few written by myself ) will help keep everybody honest and on their toes. Simply I hope this forum helps us create an industry we can all be proud of.
ADMIN Posted On:2009-09-03 14:54:25
Welcome folks to the new Vibration Training Advice forum. A continuation of over 3 years work relaunched on this new site. This is the place where anyone involved or interested in this technology can come to ask, or answer questions, free of marketers or dodgy salespeople. It is our endeavor to create an online community were "trust" and " ethics" are the things we promote and value most.
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