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SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-08-26 17:47:45


My advice would be the new CardioTech CV12 . It has the side handlebars you will need.
Extremely smooth action and lots of physio / exercise options.

When you get the unit, we will communicate constantly and make sure you progress in a safe but effective manner. 

Jenny Posted On:2017-08-26 16:46:40

Hi Lloyd

I have read just about everything in this discussion forum, but still need some advice if I could.  My background. I am 63 and a survivor of an accident 4 years ago, which included acute brain trauma and damage to muscle.  No broken anything lucky for me.  Anyway I am now fully recovered, except for ongoing muscle issues, mainly in my legs.   I have tried walking for fitness on a small hilly site, but it caused a very painful seizure of my leg muscles posteriorly, gluts and other muscles in that general area.   Disappointing, but havent given up yet.  I have repaired myself so far and have achieved a lot.  My muscles only play up when I exercise, mainly walking.  My back muscles are weak as well.  Gym is no good for me as it makes me tired still.

Hence the WVB interest.   I am in Australia and there does not appear to be any linear machines, so pivotal it is.  I am weighing up between the recommendations you have made with Gravity HQ and the CardioTeach CV9.   Also I found this machine  WBV3000 from a company in Perth.  Here is the link.

My aim is to get fit again, loose approx 8 or 10kgs that I have put on since my accident and improve my leg muscles by strengthing them.

Any advice you can give me I would be thankful.


Faye Posted On:2017-08-25 10:24:46

thanks Lloyd, that gives me a great guide line to work on.  to be able to get his circulation moving and stop the leg swelling will be fantastic, let alone if it helps with sleeping.

keep up the good work.


SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-08-23 15:37:35

 The different ways the machine can be used in your Sons condition based on what you have said  .....

Here are the basic ways this machine should be used for safe results …

Physio / Therapy

(1)  Just sitting in front of the machine in a chair with your feet on the platform, a little apart in a comfortable, natural position.

 Machine on lowest speed, running for 10 minutes, hands holding onto your knees.
Time: 10 minutes twice day.

 This improves circulation throughout the body and is a safe position for everyone.  It can relieve pain in joints, including shoulder/upper body as the hands on knees position transfers vibration gently to the upper body as well as feet on platform transfers to the lower body.  Helps with relaxation and sleep.

(2) Just standing upright on the machine, on its lowest speed. Best use is for balance and circulation. You can stand completely upright or with relaxed knees, slight squat, which feels more comfortable for many people.
MUST - Hold onto a solid chair or rail

This gives some strength training, circulation etc.... but also reinforces the central nervous system that usually facilitates balance.


NEVER turn the speed up unless you talk to me first. Always remember....... everything on the adverts selling those units is a lie. The information is random and just so wrong I would not know where to start clearing it up.


Faye Posted On:2017-08-23 09:38:52

Its a Ti Lite, had it specially made for him, hes 6ft 3 and 100kgs so a large man  44yrs old.

Because hes having more trouble lately with circulation we thought something like this may work for him in the home, hes been wheelchair bound for 24 years.

thanks for the feed back.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-08-22 18:31:37
Yes Pivotal Vibration Therapy is perfect for your Son. And those who designed them in 1996 had special cases in mind.

What kind of wheelchair does you son have ?

Faye Posted On:2017-08-22 14:10:59

Hi there

I have a son in a wheelchair, a tetraplegic, can stand but only holding onto a bar.  My question is would the power fit vibration machine that is currently popular here be ok for him to use sitting in his wheelchair

He has had a blood clot many years ago and is on blood thinners, has high blood pressure as well.  We are hoping to find something he can use at home, goes to the gym but for cardio.

many thanks


SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-08-21 19:54:19

 What program are you following ?  Poses , speeds etc.....

Sharon Bass Posted On:2017-08-20 17:00:57

Hello, I recently bought a ZAAZ vibration machine I seem to suffering from bad headache and dizziness. Is this normal while my body is trying to get use to something new. Thank you Sharon 

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2017-07-09 18:21:33
Sal ...
Pretty simple.
Upper body .... Keep it under 15 hz for upper body. I keep it on 10 hz for upper body and just really work on my static form.

Lower body ...... Anything over 22 and most form is lost. I love 18 hz and got great development from that Fq.

Sal Posted On:2017-07-08 19:14:19



i recently purchased a second hand gravity revolution machine, but it came with no manual. Can you tell me what frequencies I should be using for upper   And lower body  .  The posters you have in site say low medium or high frequencies, but I the GR shows numbers so am unsure of which to choose

Lloyd Shaw Posted On:2017-07-06 21:15:21

 Hello George...

I heard there is an ex-Demo HyperVibe performance. ..And you are a runner. So that would be my pick. I do not rate the new HyperVibes at all.

Di Heap / VibePlus Posted On:2017-07-06 12:32:42

George, to answer your questions

GravityHQ haven’t gone out of business but are taking a break for 6 months to a year for rest and medical reasons (recommended by Lloyd Shaw). They have a new machine, Revolution 2, that has real force (a new thing for a pivotal machine) that could well be what you are looking for, for training purposes, but it’s not available yet. I have been fortunate to trial it and its very good.

The machines that Elite Fitness sell, HyperVibe;  in the industry there is general consensus that value for money is lacking. Just my opinion also but I don’t recommend. But if you can get an original, older HyperVibe machine (would have to be second-hand) this might be suitable for general training purposes.


There are little pivotal machines without a pole that are great for therapy uses and can also be used for basic training.  I can help you with one of these if wanted (I don’t sell machines now but I can easily get a quality one for you). Contact me, search Di at VibePlus.

You haven’t stated your goals or anything about your needs or any physical limitations – but if you are wanting a home use, Premium Speed Pivotal training machine and need to buy now, my recommendation is Cardiotech CV9. You would need to import one from Cardiotech in Australia which I’m told isn’t difficult.  You can contact me or Lloyd Shaw of Vibra-Train for advice and to be sent to the right person in Australia to arrange this.

If you are in Auckland visit Vibra-Train in Victoria Street West and we will give you free advice and have machines you can try. We do not sell machines, can just point you in the right direction for your needs. Note: we do not receive compensation, it’s just good to know people get the best machine for their needs.

Read article here:

George Posted On:2017-07-05 17:25:00

I am trying to buy a vibration machine. I want to buy in NZ, not second hand and quality. I dont want to spend 10k but 4 is ok. GravityHq is out of business. Is Elitefitness with the Q10,14,17 and performance my only options. Help.

Di Heap / VibePlus Posted On:2017-06-22 12:44:18

Trudi, To clarify – when looking at a person using a vibration machine the machine’s quality and power is not obvious by how much the person or the machine appears to be moving.

·         On a High Energy Lineal (heavy steel and quality construction), the machine has no obvious movement and the person looks like they are not moving at all – but there is direct response in the muscles targeted = excellent machine quality, workout and therapy

·        On a Premium Speed Pivotal machine, it might look like the machine and person are moving a lot from side to side Or it might look like more of a shallow sideways rumble; depending on the position the person is in and the speed they have set affects how far each side of the platform moves up and down.
Note: Higher speed, less obvious machine movement is not always better. Using the machine correctly for your needs and holding perfect position is key. These machines are good quality for therapy use and for workouts.

·         On a Medium Energy Lineal machine like the video’s you watched, it might appear that the machine and person are not moving Or it might look like random shaking. These machines are usually plastic construction so have a lot less force/power into the muscles being targeted. This is the category of machine that you see people moving around on so their movement makes up for what the machine lower force cannot achieve.

·         Low Speed Pivotal machine. These machines often look like they are moving and the person is moving a lot.  This is no indication of quality as they are light, plastic machines usually with low force. They range from the small oval units sold at the mall to larger platforms with a front post and sometimes big rounded handle bars to hold for support. This category is the one most accompanied by fake specifications and outright lies like having 99 speeds or even 200 speeds. These machines run at around 12Hz (12 times a second) so 200 speeds is tiny increments and simply a sales pitch.
Important that they are well designed and good construction to provide some force not just movement. These machines are best suited for therapy and circulation. They can be used for small training benefits with a proper program followed exactly.

Note: In many YouTube videos the machine is not turned on. It doesn’t always need to be to demonstrate the position or program.


Trudi Posted On:2017-06-18 11:46:37

As always, thanks for your response.  I certainly wouldnt have tried any of those things on my Gravity HQ, but nice to know its safest not to.  I figured it wasnt a very high powered platform when you couldnt really even tell when its turned on in the video....

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-06-15 15:11:26


It should be noted.

 On Dr Mercola's own site. Following his recommendations on how to choose of a machine to use.

You would NOT move on a powerful steel machine like he describes. But Power Plate do not sell anymore.....?

Solid steel construction. Avoid plastic platforms as they can and do break.

Adequate weight limit. If it can't handle your weight, it can break or strain to run at a lower intensity level.




An update on...

Walter Richard Christian Matthews
Walter Matthews
Waldo Matthews
Walty Matthews
He has been kicked out of the second studio he was involved in Perth , Australia. With a repeat performance of the last episode.

The actual legal owners of the equipment and company Vibra Nation PTY LTD ( also known as Vibra Cafe )  have been in direct contact with me, to confirm every prediction that was made, and warning given, was 100% accurate. And I articulated to them their protection of him was understandable, considering the investment made in him.

I would advise anyone being approached to do business with this man, contact the owners of that studio. 

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-06-15 15:00:54


Long story short so you can understand my position. Sorry you will need to read a couple of articles to really understand if you want.
To really understand this issuie ....
Short version ......
Story why Power Plate introduced  movements and weights etc.....
First Vibration Training studio in the world was set up by me. In conjunction with Power Plate. Using the original full steel units that produced 3.9kn of force. The static safety program was highly successful and so was the studio.
In 2004 Power Plate released a plastic version of the machine. It not only had electrical and quality  issues but was lacking so much power, we could not give sessions away on it to our regular customers.  Who had worked with the steel unit for 6 months.

And doing the regular static program felt like a walk around the block.
Multiple engineering tests from different sources failed the machine. It did not work properly with a person standing on it, it was so weak. It lost power at 20kg on my test.
We parted ways..... and I continued to follow the original plan.


Why did they start moving, adding weights and other random stuff ......?

Quite simply it was the only way to get any results or feel any kind of real burn from the now highly under-powered machines.   
So now with that info in your head...
(1) Real upper end Vibration Training is still static.  Pivotal or Lineal.
(2) They ended up coming up with the term Acceleration Training. Which is basically the idea of doing anything you would normally do, but on a light vibration platform. To slightly accelerate the benefits  you would normally obtain.

Is it dangerous to move on a PP unit ...?  NO. They are too weak. That rule is for real machines only.  

Trudi Posted On:2017-06-13 11:13:13

Hi again

I recently noticed an article on about the power plate with a bunch of exercises demonstrated.  They are showing using weights and a great deal of movement whilst on the struck me as not such a good idea especially on the powerful pivotal or lineal machines but curious to hear your assessment.  I apologise, I cant copy the link here but the article is on the fitness mercola site and is called Whole Body Vibration Training Mimics Metabolic Effects of Exercise and Improves Cardiovascular Health and Fitness in the Elderly.

As always, thanks for this great forum.


SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-06-09 19:25:33


Check out the answer for Connie below.  The Squat answer ... Same applies for you

Di Heap / VibePlus Posted On:2017-06-09 09:29:49

Hi Jude

Well, this could become a debate as the choice really comes down to which machine you prefer between these two good machines. It also depends on where you live (country) but you say you can get a Gravity Revolution 2nd hand. The CV9 is easy to buy in Australia and Canada and can be sent to New Zealand and other places (at a cost of course). Have you tried either or both machines? Please do so, if you can.

They are similarly rated but have differences. The Revolution frequency/speed can be set higher than the CV9 (except for Canadian machines which also set higher) and this is a selling point – but it really doesn’t matter, in my opinion, as it’s all about holding Perfect Position for a time period (one or two minutes usually.. just standing/circulation/warm up and some squats can be longer). High speed is not essential or important. You start off at lower speed and maybe build up to higher maybe (arm work (push-up and triceps- dip) needs to be lower speed to protect your shoulders.

The CV9 has a larger platform so it is accessible from all sides and the better looking machine with clear, simple settings and warranty. The Gravity Revolution is 2nd hand but should be a robust machine and any warranty depends on where you are buying it. My preference as it’s based purely on my use of the machines, not on their features so it is not relevant. Both companies provide good support.

Take a look at the pivotal program here, and ask again if you have any specific questions. Please tell us a little more about yourself so we can suggest better.

Program Instructions:

Program Poster:

Cali Posted On:2017-06-08 09:36:22


I love that there is this site available with such a wealth of knowledge from people who care. Thank you for that! Based on what I learned, I recently purchased a CV9 and love it.  I do have a previous knee injury so I was wondering if you have any links for modifications to squats etc. I appreciate your guidance. 

Jude Posted On:2017-06-07 21:07:49

Hi ya


 debating between purchasing a CV9 and a Gravity Revolution (2nd Hand)  would you recommend one over the other 


looking for weight loss and strength training 

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-06-01 19:30:46


Yes. Moving slowly on a Pivotal for most people is fine. Because the pelvis tips and takes away a lot of the shearing force we worry about on Lineal.
Your squats .... I would stay at a very low speed and go into a 110 degree squat and hold until you fatigue ( just like a Lineal squat ). The reason for this is that angle places almost all of the pressure on the quads and not actually on the joints.
The only issue is to begin with, your lack of leg strength will make you lose form very quickly.
I would highly recommend you find something to support your body weight until you gain that strength. You may even want to use that method permanently to take load off your knees whilst getting all the benefits.

Eg....... Bottom picture. 

Connie Posted On:2017-06-01 07:12:18

Hi Lloyd  A few questions.  We have a Gravity Revolution II.

1  General excercises that have been recommended involve moving while going at 17 Hz or higher.  An example would be squats ... lowering slowly, holding 5 sec, and raising back up and repeating 4 to 10 times.  At this point my husband would be the one doing this as youll see in point 2.  From your perspective would this be okay since it is a pivotal 

2  I have bone on bone knees in the medial portion.  I walk but am very limited and if I overdo Im even more limited for several days.  How would you suggest I start  

Thanks for all you help both now and in the past

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-22 15:51:55

 More evidence is coming out to show Humans are NOT designed to do endurance exercise.

"Long periods of intense exercise can change the composition of your gut bacteria and lead to leaky guy syndrome."

"The research looked at soldiers taking part in an intensive training program and found that pro-longed exercise caused the protective barrier in their guts to become permeable, and could let harmful substances leak into the bloodstream."




SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-22 15:29:04

 A few points from your response.

(a) When doing your squats. Face away from the machine and put your back against the center pole. It will help you not overwork your lower back.
(b) It will also help you keep your knees directly over your feet. Remember on a Pivotal unit, every mm counts.
(c) Taking it high speed on upper body is never recommended by me.
(d) One legged squats on Pivotal...NOT recommended by me. Tests show me initially no-one can hold them properly ( even athletes ) with rotating at the knee.

Try doing them facing sideways on the unit ( turning it into a Lineal vibration ) if you must do them. At least then any shearing will not be so profound.

Trudi Posted On:2017-05-22 14:47:05

Thanks very much for your reply.  Ive been doing slightly less in the last 5 days and the niggles have resolved, but Ill pass that info along to the husband as well, as its great information.  I will aim to focus on perfect form and see how things go from there.

At present, Im using really low speed, 5, for anything shoulder or upper body like press ups as it just feels safer.  I guess as the stability improves in the joints I may be able to increase that somewhat.  For squats, I had been using it as fast as 20 as Im usually pretty good with them, but as it was lower back and knees where I was feeling it maybe I should be using lower speeds and really focus on getting my form absolutely perfect.  The niggles I was feeling were mainly in my L knee and I am aware that leg is slightly weaker so it does make sense.  I may try some one legged squats at a really low speed to work on balancing that out as well. 

When just standing Ive been doing the P2 programme that is in the machine, though Ive backed off from doing it daily and that has helped the niggles as well.  I am really aware of how I stand, Im a long time yogi and also do Feldenkrais plus am an acupuncturist so posture is really important to me, though like anything Im sure it could always be improved and this feels like a great way to find your weak spots.

Again, thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

SH@W Science , Honesty @ Work Posted On:2017-05-19 15:19:46

 Hello Trudy...

Your question covers a bit of info and separate subjects. So I will compartmentalize the subjects for you. And have a question or two to help clarify some points.
(1) All VT done in a true whole body workout fashion. Eg... ( click on Pivotal Program )
Will give the body an overall circulation boost, at any speed. It is actually a side effect of VT that can not be escaped.
(2)  Niggles in joints ..?  Ok you have to understand muscle will respond and get stronger by creating higher quality muscle in as little as 3 weeks. Harder tissue found in your joints can take up to 4 months to catch up, bone 12 months minimum.
So my guess is you have the machine on a too higher FQ which is causing some shearing action on your joints. You need to drop the speed down, work on PERFECT form for 4 months and let your supporting tissue to get stronger.
Then slowly increase the FQ ( which on that unit is tied to KN force. Only Pivotal unit in the world to do so )  over time.
Remember this is not a race, it is more a life long marathon to rebuild your body from the inside out.
(3) What Fqs are you using for what poses at the moment ?

(4) The lower speeds are for extremely controlled poses and allow for clear communication to the brain and helps develop your central nervous system. Which in turns helps with strength and muscle control.

(5) Workout program......taking all muscle groups to complete fatigue in each pose....Yes once every second day is enough. Sometimes a 2 days on 1 day off for 2 weeks is a booster you can do if it does not cause over tiredness or out of control hunger ( two warning signed for over-training ).

Trudi Posted On:2017-05-18 17:04:16

Hi there.  Thanks so much for this website and forum, lots of interesting information to read through.  I am a fit and well 42 year old and just purchased a Gravity Revolution, in part for exercise recovery, in part for general well being.  From what Im reading though, I can also use it to increase strength and so I had a couple of questions.

1 Can I assume that when you mean low speed you mean up to 12 hertz, medium from 12 to 20 and high from 20 to 30

2 I have noticed some distinct aches and pains since I started using it last week, mostly Im just standing on it and doing the basic 10 minute programme it has set up.  The pains are in some places I dont usually get sore, knees mostly, with twinges elsewhere.  Ive been guessing that its just working out some kinks that Ive not been aware of...could that be right

3 If Im using it for strength doing the exercises you suggest is it more an every second day kind of thing

4 Im also a health practitioner and am wondering if it has a bit of a detoxifying effect also.  Nice to know these things before recommending to patients.

As I said, I truly appreciate all the time that is put into this fantastic resource.  Many thanks.

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