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MIkeP Posted On:2011-11-17 06:04:48

I really cant see blacklisting a company based on one persons experience. I am very happy with the product and service. I had questions and they were answered. The machine works great. There are som many products that I have purchased in the past and saw one or two bad reviews. Bottom line is some people are very hard to please. Not saying this is the case Patty with you.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-16 07:06:17


Please keep us fully informed about how your machine repair is progressing.  Call up Wave (Sandy French) every day until you get results.  I believe you should be sent a new machine – in New Zealand the “Sale of Goods” laws would require this. There is provision for an item to be repaired but if that isn’t successful fairly quickly you can ask for a replacement – I’m sure you will have similar laws, just don’t let this drag on or you run out of time for this demand – here it’s 3 months.

Diane Fox Posted On:2011-11-16 05:34:40

Hi Patty,

I purchased an AirReflex from WAVE and I have never had any issues with it whatsoever. I use it for theraputic purposes, it has litterally saved my life. I couldn`t wake up in the morning, I was going into a deep depression. I have Fibromyalgia, I used to suffer, words cannot describe the pain I had every day. Since I bought my machine two years ago, I feel like a new woman, it has saved my life.

Sandy French was so helpful, I called when my machine arrived and he was one the phone with me for almost an hour. I was walked through setting up the machine initially, he was a great help. I have full confidence that WAVE will help resolve your issue, I would recommend it to anyone.


Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-14 21:09:17
Note to everybody:   WAVE are very close to getting on the Blacklist. The reason why is simple and I will repeat it hopefully for WAVES sake.
For me what I see at present is a massive lack of respect for the sales we send some companies way. Sure they love taking the check and cashing it quickly but seem to not appreciate it comes with a certain expectation. If they do not want to live up to that expectation, turn down the referral ( they always know where it comes from ) . Simple really.
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-14 20:16:04


You will do better advertising your machine on ebay or gumtree. We don’t generally facilitate re-sale of machines but maybe someone will see your post and reply here.

Shelley Posted On:2011-11-14 18:50:00

Hi all,

I have a Hypervibe that I would like to sell. Im moving interstate and its just one of those things that shouldnt be put aside. Ive had terrific results with it, and love it  but it wont fit in the motor home.

Its in Perth, Australia so only available by pick up.

Make an offer.

Thanks, Shelley.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-14 17:58:20


Yes I did get the new mat. It lacks the dents the first one still has, but it was not in perfect shape either. I give up on having one that's fully clean/no defects to start out, I guess that's a lost cause. Guess I'm ahead of the game just having two of them.

I really hate it that you are having to deal with a person who appears to be either incompetent, senile, or extremely careless. I did notice that the shipping bill on my mat was signed by your Mr. French. I hope getting my mat to the right address did not overtax him too much.

Not sure if blacklisting is warranted at this point. After all, MikeP and I are both really enjoying our machines. Hate it that you are not. Maybe you should try to email Jasper Sidhu? I would post his email on here for you, but that would likely be a bad idea on a public forum; perhaps if there's an email for you somewhere in the older messages then someone can send it to you. I get the feeling somehow that he will help you out; I think he did me in my case.

Here lately I am having a real hard time completing a full two minute Super Squat. It just keeps getting harder. Either I have gotten stronger there or weaker, not sure which...

Patty Posted On:2011-11-14 16:22:28

I apologize for the lack of update on my Wave Air Reflex machine. I had to go out of town to clean out my dad’s house and get him moved to Tennessee to live with us. So I have had much bigger fish to fry than tending to my Wave issue.

I got back in town last week and then called Wave - Sandy French on Friday morning. Unbelievable, but I don’t think he even remembered who I was. Weird, since he had left me a phone message at work, checking in to see how my machine was working! He pulled out his “notes” and then asked if the part he sent fixed my machine. I never received the second part…so I asked when it was delivered (thinking that perhaps the postal service might be holding it since we had been out of town)….he asked me to hold a minute, then when he came back on the phone he told me the date…and it was the date the FIRST part had arrived at my house. I told him that part had been installed (a new screen) but it did not fix my Wave and that he had talked to the repairman that day…and he was supposed to send me another part . Sandy could not even remember talking to the guy that came to my house to do the repair or which part he was supposed to send to me. Then he seemed to be shuffling some papers, and said…that’s what happens when I don’t get my notes into the computer. I couldn’t believe it. The guy is either overwhelmed by a lot of warranty issues on the Waves or he is an absolute idiot. I told him I did not know which part he was supposed to send, but it should have been at my house already. I told him if he couldn’t get my Wave fixed they needed to send me a new machine. He asked me to hold a minute and then he proceeded to tell me that the part had been shipped to UTAH…that he must have sent it to the wrong repair place. He said he would have to call them and find out what they did with the part. I told him to call me back before the end of the day to let me know when the part would be arriving…and again mentioned that a new machine might be a better option. He never called back. If I don’t hear from him on Monday morning before lunch, I am going to call and ask to talk to a manager or owner of Wave. Warranty customer service at Wave is ridiculous. If I were using the machine commercially, I would be out of business. If I could send the machine back for full credit, I would do so. Even if they get my machine fixed, I am afraid of having future failures, which means months not being able to use the machine. I am not even sure that the guy that came out to repair my machine is qualified to fix it. My husband said he looked like a body builder.

At this point, based on my experience with Wave, I would suggest they be blacklisted - they are not prepared to handle warranty issues in the United States. They have not even thought through how to find people who can work on them. Their warranty staff is incompetent.

I remain disgusted with WAVE in Tennessee.

Mike M - I hope you are having much better luck than me with your Wave…did you ever get your replacement mat?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-12 10:54:28
Even Light ( Lineal ) or Slow ( Pivotal ) machines are great finishing tools. I think more trainers should use them like this.
Very inexpensive way to push people much harder than they would normally push themselves. 
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-12 10:51:06
William ...
Just make sure you are fully understanding the principles of vibration training, and not just " doing what I normally do, but the the machine " 
It quite often has opposite rules to standard training. So good rule of thumb is..... whatever you normally think or do, the opposite will be the case for VT. 
My advice is to read 2 articles a day from this site ( about 110 )  They only take a few minutes each to read.
Here is a few good ones to start with...
Will Posted On:2011-11-11 23:22:24

Hey guys ... No  I have reworded my Services advert to state that it is not a commercial grade Vibration Trainer but it is going to be used in order to make normal workouts harder and to be used for balance and rehab work.

It really makes the amrs and legs work hard on the high speed settings though.  WOWwhat a difference  Ican do 100150 pushups and managed a sset fo 40 on the highest speed setting today maximum.

I like the machine and have already had 2 clients use it and they both loved it.  We exercised on it using the push ups and the squats and Idemonstrated pistol squats on it as well.  Would love to be able to afford to come up to Auckland and also love to be bale to buy a PROPERmachine but in the mean time this will serve my clients well enough for the training they are doing.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-11 16:26:20

Mike M

You asked “Anyone ever do more than one 2-minute Super Squat in a given workout?”

Some people do 2 minutes of some of the IVTRB Safety Program or do the advanced program, only possible on a machine with side vibrating handlebars, so extra Super Squats are rare.

But, you can do more on your machine if you are mastering the program well.  

Just so you know – Lloyd Shaw does ONLY the 10 minute program seen in this video

He trains smart.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-11 14:42:50

Mike M

My husband can do a 5 minute SuperSquat on a level 3 machine – perfect form.


He is a distance runner. He has strong legs and a slim body.  He has no mass to be holding up. He’s been doing vibration for 5 years (not always regularly).  He’s done the 5 minute squat about 5 or 6 times and he literally crawls off the machine and sits down for half an hour after.  I’ve told him not to try it again – there is cardio stress when you go that hard and he’s over 50. It’s not really smart.


We all want to go harder but poor form means 40 – 50 incorrect movements per second – that’s not going to help anyone gain muscle strength. There is ZERO room for error when you go really hard out on a vibration machine.  Perfect your form, Perfect Position, Feet perfectly flat, hip (bones) width apart, 110 degree back of knee angle and maintain that.  The general rule is that if you haven’t corrected in the last 10 seconds you are out of position.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-11 14:23:28


You have been invited multiple times to visit Vibra-Train Head Office and Studio when you’ve come to Auckland.  You’ve been invited to try out a real high energy Vibration Machine but for whatever reason you haven’t come in.

Now you buy the biggest massager in the world - Please don’t pass it off as Vibration Training because it absolutely is not!

You can use it for some clients for balance, proprioception, circulation increase, etc – not for anyone above 80Kg (max) as it loses what little force it has at that weight.  

Next time you get to Auckland (are you coming up for GetNZActive conference at end of Nov?) come into the studio. We can show you how to do the program and give you resources.  We’ve talked before on forums so I’m disappointed you’ve made such a poor choice of machine – that is unless you deliberately bought it for massage and therapy work, not for training. Lloyd has replied to you, not realising who you are. Now he says – get in here and try a real machine!

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-11 13:59:26

Hey Mike Hair

You anticipate my next question! Which was, has anyone ever done much of anything longer than the 2 minutes that the Super Squat takes.

So my next question is, anyone ever do the Super Squat for longer than the 2 minutes? If so then for how long? Anyone ever do more than one 2-minute Super Squat in a given workout?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-11 13:11:01
My biggest concern is you might tell people that is Vibration Training ( as in what we do in the studios ) giving them a bad impression of the industry.
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-11 12:59:26
Answered you the best I could via email, with my recommended poses word for word. Sorry have no idea where to get a booklet from. 
The machine will probably not work for long under any kind of stress. Either weight or lots of people. So be prepared to replace it at some time with a better quality unit if you wish to do this.
We will be able to better advise you on that move. 
Mike Hair Posted On:2011-11-11 12:58:10

Not being a skite or best is a 3 minute full body pushup on a force 5 VibraTrain.

Would not recomend it to anyone it fricken hurts. Couldnt do it now, as everytime i work out it gets harder and harder.

Used to do 1 minute 55 second full body tricep dip now i struggle doing 1 minute, just proves the more muscle mass you have the harder it is.

Love the VibraTrain machines

MikeP Posted On:2011-11-11 04:20:03


I am not the pro on anything. Haha... Lloyd would be that guy. I have just been following what he says. As far as adding weight or using the Kettlebells on the machine, I dont use any weight. I feel like if I hold the positions correctly I get the work in.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-10 22:30:41

William / MT

Your machine is NOT a training platform. It is useful for gentle stimulation, circulation,  can help increase bone density with long term use.  Is this what you bought it for? Also, It won't cope with the weight of most NZers.

If you wanted a serious muscle building, training machine you bought a dud, mate. Should have asked us first.

Check it out here,


At least you didn't pay much for the VT-96 - Best give it away to an old Granny client. Oh, Have you tried it out yourself yet?  

William Posted On:2011-11-10 21:17:55

Hey Lloydshaw it's MThere from Trade Me Message Boards  contact me  I have bought a Vib Trainer and need some advice mate so can use it with my clients the best way possible  also need an instruction manual for it  VT96 American Fitness model

Sheryl Posted On:2011-11-10 04:19:04

Patty, We have not heard any updates on your WAVE machine fix.  Does that mean you are busy training on a now repaired machine... 

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-09 18:02:54
I personally do not use added weight, as I am in the middle of a 10 year experiment to see what just using my own mass on different level machines can do.
I only advise people trying added weights, no matter what that is, to be safe than sorry.   
Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-09 17:24:34

Hey, this is really cool. Now we have two guys in here, Lloyd and MikeP, that the casual VT user might view as hard core. And from the sound of it, experienced and successful at it. Prepare to have your brains picked.

Have either of you experimented with using weights along with (during) VT, such as a weight vest, or perhaps holding dumbells or kettlebells while doing poses? Do you thing it a worthwhile addition or is it a waste of time?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-09 11:54:39
I can do a 2 minute push up ( just ) on a level 2.  ( 3mm 43 hz )
But forget the level 5 ( 0.7mm 43hz )
MikeP Posted On:2011-11-09 05:35:02

Mike M

I usually do it on the plank, push up and tricep hold. I am sure if I were on one of Lloyds machines that may be a little different. For me it does not hurt my shoulder and I feel like I still make gains without lifting weights. I still do pull ups and occasional deadlifts but thats about it.

Keith Posted On:2011-11-09 05:24:52

Di, Now you tell me I could have rested between minute 1 and minute 2 of the superman........ All those tears and frustation in the early days.......... I think I need to give some thought to replacing my mat which is made out of some sort of foam. Any suggestions on the replacement.  Have you finished celebrating the all Black win yet.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-08 19:02:20
I have done the 2 minute push-up several times. But really it is just too punishing on my machines.
I end up almost in tears rolling around on the floor in a fetal position waiting for my arms to work again. 
I personally think it is just pushing to too far.
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-08 18:03:36

Mastering the Standard Program is the first aim – never move to advanced work until you can do the poses precisely – perfect position – from the very start to the very end of the 60 seconds.

Then increase the Super Squat to two minutes.  You do this by decreasing the rest time between Super Squat number 1 and Super Squat number 2 until there is no rest time at all; just turn the machine back on. Then put them together – 2 minutes Super Squat.

When that is mastered and not moving too quickly – form is the most important factor – you can do two minutes of Pose 1 Basic Squat, Pose 3 Wide Stance Squat.  Then the pelvic stability/plank and tricep dip. The stretch position is left at 60 seconds, there’s no real gain by increasing it.

Advance from the Mini Push-Up (on knees) to the Full Push-Up whenever you are ready but it’s rare to attempt  2 minutes  - this might depend on the force of the machine you are using, on some it will be easier than others.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-08 13:40:00


Really? Which ones do you go two minutes on? I know about the Super Squat; which others?

I know I've seen it said here that a two minute pushup is a bad idea...

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