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Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-15 05:30:39

Di and Lloyd

I really appreciate all the advice and the critiquing of my form you have done. It should prove helpful. It is surely a different thing though, getting coached by people who are over 15,000 miles away (per flightopedia). Never happened to me before.

I realize that it is likely not recommended to lift the toes, but I wanted to make it clear my weight was not forward that time. I won't normally do that.

I do not myself have any problem with a touch screen, as long as it works like you expect. I have been around computers for 30 years though, I have seen just about every way hardware and software can interact, both good and bad. I even remember keyboard bounce, anyone else ever see it? Kind of reminds me of the touchy touchpad somewhat. It doesn't confuse me but some of the neighborhood kids who mess with my Wave can't figure out what's going on with it. Just takes a light quick touch.


I am getting a little concerned, has your problem been addressed?

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-14 16:21:43

Mike M

I did see that your toes were lifted. They are part of your overall balance so should be down flat. 70% pressure on heels 30% on toes.

Follow the full IVTRB program 3-4x week for 3 weeks (every second day) – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from following a complete program rather than a bit from here and a bit from there – then write up your results. The rebalancing effect of correctly holding the positions will help strengthen your right leg.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-14 16:01:38
Mike M...
We prefer a squat to be either a perfect squat ( toes forward )  or a wide stance stance squat ( toes outward ) . Doing a hybrid of both often leads to knees coming in etc....  and general gravitation away from good form.
Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-14 13:21:08


I read different things on different websites, with the result being confusion - for instance you emphasize pointing the toes forward, but on another site where they discuss squats they say turning the toes forward means more emphasis on the vastus lateralis and pointing them outward emphasizes the vastus medialis.

I guess I can maybe alternate the toe positions and thus hit all parts more or less equally? Or, maybe I need to turn my right foot more outward for the therapeutic benefit? That's kind of what I've been trying sometimes. What you may have been seeing regarding my knees was, I corrected my foot position fairly early to straight ahead. I did have them a bit outwards prior to that. And if you look, I kept my toes lifted off the surface pretty much throughout to keep weight off the toes.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-14 11:11:46

Mike M

Thanks for the small videos.  The super squat is good.   I can see you correcting back down into the 110 degree squat (I get people to count to 15 then drop down a little, repeat etc). 

Hard to tell if your knees were held inline with your hips and toes; looked like they drifted in a little as you fatigued. Good control overall – the squat is your king exercise – gets the results. 

I’m happy to help anyone with their positions.  Sending a small file video is a good way to do this. Beginning in and remaining in Perfect Position means safe training and great results.



Any news ?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-12 22:05:39
I actually have no idea why any vibration training company uses touch screens. I have advised plenty to stay with analogue systems and keep it simple, but to no avail. I suppose it is just the way everything is built nowadays.
I was an electronics mechanic in the Navy ( WEM ) And I favor systems that can be mixed and matched rather than solid state. 
Chances are its just a cutout switch that has tripped for some reason.        
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-12 12:42:04


I’m sorry, I do recognise that email address – I even opened it but didn’t realise so it was deleted .  Could you please send it again. I’ll look out for it.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-12 12:08:06


Really? That's odd; that's the email address I sent it to. My email I used was Maybe it wound up in the spam folder? The video is really small; I made it with my webcam on my netbook and then put it through a program that makes it fit a format suitable for youtube, so it's real low quality but you might be able to tell something.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-12 10:31:50

Mike M

I haven’t received your little video and would really like to look at it.  Email address - Mine is my name, di at vibeplus dot com I don’t have a Vibra-Train email address. (Lloyd might have the video)

Just so people know - I know the various names and trading names get confusing. I have my own trademark, VibePlus which I use for education purposes mostly at present.  I work for Vibra-Train’s  Auckland City Studio/Head Office and Development Centre which keeps me so busy I rarely do any private personal training work. 

I’ve been a little absent from here the past week. We have a promotion to encourage new people to try vibration training and it’s hugely successful with many “types” of people coming in. This morning I was working (second time) with a man who does MMA but has knee operations and other aches.  The challenge of using both, Vibration Therapy (assisted training) and regular poses with this very strong man is both exhausting and exhilarating for us both. 

The screen touch and display problems on your machine are not good.  I’ve really come to appreciate the separate control unit of the Vibra-Train. If anything does go wrong – rarely dust or sand in the fan which causes the sensitive thermal cutout to activate – its as simple as attaching another control box until the problem can be looked at. This is so important in a busy studio. 

After spending so much money on a quality home machine I hope Wave do have a reset button or a fast despatched new unit for Patty and that your machine gives no real problems.  Come visit us in NZ and you’ll be tempted to take a machine back with you (alas, we don’t sell home machines).

Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-12 00:14:00


Sorry you're having a problem. I haven't had many problems (yet). I notice the screen is a little "touchy" in that sometimes it seems to register multiple touches when I just want one. In other words, I can hit Start and sometimes it will cycle through Start Stop Start a few times. I sorta wonder if the QC up there is all that sometimes.

I haven't had much other trouble, just a few oddities. Yesterday I was on it and noticed it had "walked" a bit so that it had rotated a bit clockwise on my carpet. Without thinking I kind of hopped and gave it a twist rotating it back counter clockwise. Wrong move; it stopped running. I hit the screen trying to get it started but no luck. I had to restart it. I wonder if there's some kind of safety switch in there? Have you tried unplugging it and restarting? Sometimes a computer can get "confused" but that will fix it.

That, and it's not all that clear to me (like it is to you) when the air is pumped into my machine. Sometimes it just seems to pump air when no one is using it like maybe it stays pumped up all the time. Did yours? I'm not sure if that's a good or bad idea, if that's what's going on. I usually just leave mine powered up all the time, like I do my computers. I wonder what's recommended by Wave regarding leaving it on or powering it off. Sometimes it seems hard to get info out of them, or much else. Rochelle told me she was sending a new blue pad, but I still don't have it. I think there's been enough time.

I sent Di a little video of me so she can check my form. Did you get it, Di?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-11 22:00:57

Keep us posted. I hope they get it sorted quickly for everyone's sake.

Patty Posted On:2011-10-11 15:25:09

Mike M

My traveling finally slowed down, allowing me to stay on track for the last three weeks …vibration training the recommended three times per week. My training came to a halt yesterday. I turned on my Wave, it went through the motions of pumping air to ready for my workout. I set the delay to 10 seconds, hit the start, and set my pose when I heard the warning beep….then NOTHING…the vibration never started. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t working….so I set it to go again…and again NOTHING. NO vibrating plate. I decided to turn my Wave off and start over…but that proved to be futile. The motor would not come on to vibrate the plate. I called Wave today, got the voice mail, left a message, but have not heard back from them yet. Perhaps they were closed for the holiday today. I guess we will see how well they stand behind their warranty. Hubby and I are very disappointed. To think that I have only used the machine maybe 20 times…we can’t imagine why the motor would go out. I am hoping that they will tell me there is some little hidden reset switch that needs to be hit.

I have also had trouble with the LCD screen…it is taking a lot of hard pushing on the screen to get it to respond to change the time or the hz. It is also difficult to get it to accept the “finish” command. Are you experiencing any problems with your screen?

If anyone out there owns a Wave and has had similar problems, please let me know if there is an easy fix. I hate to lose the momentum of my workouts again…as I don’t know how long it will take Wave to fix my machine. Disappointed in Tennessee!

Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-09 02:06:06


Thanks for the concern. It is not necessary, however. I am nothing if not careful.

1. I didn't get the vest just for VT, or even mainly for it. A couple months ago, I started a walking program, and I got it mostly for that. I started out walking around 3 miles/day, and I am now up to 5 (that's 8 km for you guys). Today I did my first walk with it loaded with 20#. That's all I'm going with until I adjust to the vest.

2. I look at any device, including the Wave, as just a tool to achieve an end. In my case, I want to try to cure my knee problem and become more fit. I think that is working for me. I have noticed the good knee is becoming more difficult to hold for the full 2:45, the bad knee not so much. I think that means there's less muscle there on the bad one, a problem I am trying to correct. When the bad one becomes less painful yet more difficult to work out, I think that problem will have resolved itself.

3. I don't intend to go to 45# right away, or maybe ever. Right now I am examining the outcome and comparing between using a vest and not using it. Whichever seems to bring the best result is the way I'll go. I like to have the capability of adding pressure to the bad knee to stimulate some growth that might not have happened otherwise.

4. I haven't tried it yet, but the idea of trying jungle gym pushups with the vest is kind of intriguing...

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-08 12:45:02


Be very careful with the weight vest. The fact that you feel you need one has me wondering about the force of your machine and/or how well you are following the program. The only two people who use a vest with the machines I work with are 1. a Miss Olympia figure athlete who weighs around 125lbs . She is very precise in doing the program. She gets me to check her positioning often as just a 1/2 inch out of position can stop her getting the best workout and results. And 2. a high jump athlete. A young man who also has low body weight. He struggles with a 30lb or less, adjustable vest. 
NO other customers are allowed to use a vest. Vibra-Train platforms are really high energy, of course.
I think a general warning is needed here. There is little reason for anyone to need a weight vest if they are following the IVTRB Safety program, holding the poses PERFECTLY and re-adjusting as necessary for the ENTIRE time of the position. 
Remember that being out of position just a tiny amount means you have turned 40-50 correct movements into 40-50 incorrect movements - and that's every second!
If you'd like to email a video of your workout we could take a look at it, if that would help you. 
You've said the vest is low weight in comparison with your overall weight but remember that extra 45lbs multiplied by the force of the machine is putting extra strain on your heart along with your other muscles. 
I want to write - DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME - you know, like the sub-line on a dangerous TV stunt. Not questioning your own abilities BUT I do not want people to copy you.
Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-08 06:11:48

Well I got my weight vest and tried it out today on the Wave. I wound up getting the 45# Box model from I was going to get the 40# but discovered there's a 25# add-on belt that requires either the 45 or 50 model to be added to, or some others, but won't work on the 40#. Anyway, these seem like some really high quality vests, I started with 20# and just did my squats with it, it was a bit more intense, but not overly so. I should mention that I weigh around 225 so 20# is less than 10% of my bodyweight. I plan to go up to the full 45# eventually, of course. And then may one day get the add-on to make it 70# total. Believe it or not, they sell vests that go on up to 150#. Crazy.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-07 18:21:00
I have saved your complaint and it will go back up if verified. But to make sure it is not gorilla marketing by another company ( which has happened before ) , can you please e-mail the details of your situation to me at
We always give companies a chance before we go at them.
Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-07 00:16:13

If you go to and check the Wave Locator, I counted 14 locations in Ontario you could try out a Wave.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-06 16:58:25
All those machines are decent models for everything from general fitness to Physio work.
(1)  The HyperVibe is the only product available at present that could be directly compared to the Galileo so it is not just a sales pitch.
(2)  If you wanted an all steel unit, it would cost a lot more. So a bit of plastic on any machine is acceptable.
(3) The DKN and Wave are Lineal , the HyperVibe is Pivotal.  They feel quite different and as this is a significant purchase, and a product you need to use often for it to work. I would advise you to try both systems before you buy. 
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-06 16:38:30


All three machines you’ve listed are good for fitness.  You really need to try a lineal machine (one of the others you’ve listed) and then come back to us with specific questions.

Mian Posted On:2011-10-06 15:06:29


I am from Canada Ontario. Trying to decide which one among 3 machines below to buy:

1) DKN XG10
2) Hypervibe
3) Wave Contour Plus

The first 2 have distributers not far away and the third is made in Canada.

Could the experts in this forum please give me some idea of which one is better in sense of quality and performance?
I want to use it mainly for fitness purpose.

I went to a home show to try the Hypervibe, it seemed quite powerful yet I doubted when the presenter kept saying it is the only pivotal plate that
is close to Galileo. And I kind of don't like the plastic made (and wobble handle bar) of the machine.

So I guess it comes down to DKN and Wave Contour Plus. Any suggestion? Or are there any other better choice in my area?
The price tag of Wave/DKN is probably the highest I want to spend.

Thanks a lot!

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-04 21:23:25
Mike M....
It took approx 8 months for my knees to stop clicking and grinding ( lots of heavy weights and sprinting caused this ). Building up that kind of tissue seems to take some time.
Temporary relief...  probably from more synovial fluid ( )  being produced.
Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-04 16:49:27

I have a 20# set of ankle weights that I strung together to use temporarily to try this out. I have ordered a 40# adjustable weight vest to use more regularly (and to use doing other things also). I am up to 2:45 now on the one-leg-at-a-time squats. I do each leg regular stance then again wide stance. The 20# extra did up the intensity somewhat, but not overly so. Right now my legs are way ahead of my upper body so I might back off them a little and devote more time where it's needed. I did the 2 min superman too today and, it was not that hard.

Right now I am encouraged in regard to my bad knee because today, just following my workout, there is no grinding in my bad knee. This is fairly consistent. I seem to temporarily "cure" my knee problem with the workout each time, and then it will most likely revert on my off day. I may be getting somewhere with it, thanks to the Wave. I think it bears watching, since I've only been on it a few weeks now.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-02 09:24:58
5kg -- 10kg is a good weight to use. It is a fairly big step up, so be careful. 
Make sure have perfect form before getting into that.  
Mike M. Posted On:2011-10-02 03:39:38

Is the use of a weighted vest a worthwhile addition, in your opinion? If so, how much weight to add?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-30 13:54:53
The mini-shock that goes up through your body when doing vibration training is no different than when you played as a kid every day. Every time you jumped off something and landed on the ground in fact. 
We just get de-conditioned to that feeling as we get older and less active. It is only mildly annoying until you get accustomed to it. The benefits far out-weight the annoyance factor.
And the 60 second poses make a huge difference to the workout. 30 second bursts are only recommended for people who have physical limitations.  
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-30 09:28:00

Why do people gain weight in the first three or four weeks of using a lineal vibration machine?

There’s a simple explanation – Vibration Training is hard work and the body responds to this additional work by getting stronger, by strengthening muscles.  Muscle weighs more than fat so although the person may have decreased fat a little they actually weigh more. This does change around as you continue to train but the best advice is to throw away the scales and concentrate on how you feel – fitter – and how you look - naked in the mirror in the morning and then 3 weeks later. Also how your clothes are fitting.

If Vibration Training was all about losing weight then it would not be working for our 2010 Natural Universe + Olympia “Ms Physique” athlete, Teneka Hyndman, or other slim customers at Vibra-Train.  In fact some customers put on weight and they love that because they needed to – your body responds in the way it needs to.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-30 09:09:43


Thanks for your review and experience of the TruVibe machine. It’s a high energy machine but as I’m in New Zealand I haven’t yet tried it.

Some points to consider:
Your program is very long. I suggest the IVTRB Safety program: (you might be using this now on advice from Kevin)


Make sure you hold the poses for the entire 60 seconds – not 30 seconds as you are doing now unless you have a medical condition or other reason.  
For Position 5, the Plank, do the advanced Full Plank as soon as you are able. 
For Position 2, the Push-Up do the Half Push-Up until you feel ready to do The Full Push-Up.  When you first attempt it place a mat close to the machine so that you can lower your knees to the ground when you cannot hold position. This is normal at first, to fail at about 30 seconds and to hold the other 30 seconds with knees on the ground. Your upper body stays in perfect position with chest directly over your hands.

When you can do this program perfectlywhich means exactly that, perfectly, you can move to some two minute poses, specifically, the SuperSquat at the end of the program. Others can be two minutes also but it’s essential that you are getting into and maintaining (that means correcting 3-4 times in each 60 seconds) each pose perfectly.  Ensure you carefully follow the Step-By-Step instructions.  Note: Do not attempt a 2 minute push-up; that would be the very last one you would ever try and then only then if you have no shoulder problems of any type.

This program would be a lot shorter in time than you are doing now but I see the excellent results it gives every day in the studio where I’m based.

Vibration being transferred to your head – I’m presuming you were doing a full 110 degree squat position (just above sitting) and not standing upright on the machine. There is no position where the body is fully upright on lineal machines.  Your feet need to be FLAT on the deck with the most pressure through the heels; you are supported by your quads, hamstrings and lower glutes, a very balanced squat. If you place more pressure on your toes or the ball of your feet (your heels lift off the deck) you will overwork your quads and could cause knee pain. You can test your squat by letting go of the handlebars for a few seconds in the first position (Basic Squat) and making sure you stay flat, low and balanced.

With new people, a few complain that their head feels shaky. This happens when they hold their jaw tensed and are apprehensive. Once they fully relax, head looking down (neck relaxed) at their second or third session, they never feel the head shake again. Think of it like going for a run for the first time in your life, your head would feel like it was bobbing up and down but after a few runs you wouldn’t feel that as you’d be relaxed, and running is a lot more jarring to the body than vibration training. You said your neck can be stiff from bike riding – make sure your head is in a neutral position in every pose; this means dropping your neck and looking down, relaxed.
Always - Relaxed, Static Poses.

Jim Posted On:2011-09-29 17:01:03

HI All,

I ordered and have now had my new True VIbe machine for  a couple of weeks and wanted to let you know my first impressions.  I understand that the unit is very much like the Vibrogym Pro model although not quite as dear. Its a serious bit of kit.

It was a bit big and heavy for me to get down the stairs to my basement, so I unwired it and took off the platform which separated the weight into two pieces which I could manage with a dolly. I also took off the control panels to have a peek under the hood. It is as I would expect a European designed and built machine to be, very neatly designed and made. Wiring and movable parts on the inside that you will never see are isolated from vibration where they need to be. I used to design machines for a living so I appreciated the good craftsmanship.  I have a few thoughts on the machine that I hope can add to the general discussion.                                     

Please keep in mind that this is a high end machine, here in the US about the price of a discounted Power Plate Pro5 and a bit less that a Vibrogym Pro model.

My unit arrived about 3 weeks late due to the need for extra time to work it for our electrical supply (60hz). It took me about an hour to take off the platform, move the unit and put it back together. I ran it through its paces and did the basic program for the first week. The machine is VERY solid, the controls are well laid out and the membrane keypads simple to use and looks like they will take a beating. One thing that I wish was different was the “on” control. I wish it had a 5 second delay so that after pressing it I could have more time to get into the pose before it starts moving, it takes about 2 seconds so I have to hustle.  On the other hand I originally thought that the multiposition handlebar was a bit of a gimmick, but I quickly realized that with powerful vibration my balance was not the same and I really appreciated the movable bars to assist me to stay in any one position.

The first thing that I noticed is that this is a very powerful machine, much more so than the Power Plate Pro that I have tried briefly. I am using it on the 40hz and low amplitude settings for 30 seconds on each pose. On a basic pose there was a world of difference between being on the balls of my feet vs on my heals. Being on my heals the vibration transferred right up my spine to my head, not a great feeling. Kevin at True Vibe gave me a program to do and talked me through it and I got a much better feeling about the poses as a result. I have been doing a lot of biking so my neck is a bit stiff, and his advice has helped a lot. Speaking of biking, I have noticed that I have shaved about 20 minutes off my hilly 40 mile route (2:50 now instead of 3:10) after using the machine for a little over 2 weeks. I did not really feel more powerful in my legs (I am sure I am though), but I do feel much more solid in my torso allowing me to transfer power a lot better and not "die" on the usual climbs I do.

A typical workout takes me about 30-45 minutes, and it really is quite a workout. A couple of other things I have noticed, I seem to be getting stronger, feeling more solid, and better balanced, but I have gained weight. I was looking to loose weight so I will have to still work with that one. Also I think I believe Lloyd about eating enough before hand. Twice now I have had a bit of low blood sugar in the afternoon on the day with a morning session, which is unusual for me. I have adjusted my diet a bit to eat earlier and a bit more, but I would still like to loose the extra fat I have. I have also noticed that my body really needs a day, or maybe 2 between sessions otherwise I do not feel that I have enough strength to hold myself in the poses correctly. Also, being in my mid 50’s my body does not recover like it did 30 years ago.

So all in all a great machine and I expect it to challenge me for many years. 

Mike M Posted On:2011-09-29 14:56:53

Does anyone here have any idea which university is doing the study that Jasper Sidhu is referring to? And when it might be going to be published?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-27 17:39:46
The vibrations are not powerful enough to cause modern buildings any issue. Maybe if you lived on a swamp ......
It is the ambient vibration turning air pressure waves into vibration is the issue in most buildings. It just makes noise, it will not damage anything.   
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