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Mike M Posted On:2011-09-21 22:14:43

Wow. That looks like it's going to become like the arms race. If you don't have that expensive equipment for your athletes, you cannot compete. Not a level playing field. $31,000 for a treadmill? Sheesh.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-21 17:43:36,0,1011893.story

John Posted On:2011-09-21 11:25:05

Keep up the great work exposing unethical behavior Lloyd et al. The concentrated effort of our community will make a difference if we remain vigilant.  Vibration training can be something people can be proud to be associated with as long as our community continues to exert power and influence.

John Weatherly

Patty Posted On:2011-09-20 12:44:24


Thanks for the notes of caution on the lunges.  I have been able to hold the pose for one minutes with no breakdown.  Since using my Wave, my knees have felt great.  I found that running on the treadmill made them a bit sore....but no issues using vibration.  I may take the lunge out of  my routine for a while since the squat gives me what I need.

Mike M Posted On:2011-09-20 11:59:15


Did you see the "rant" on that other site by Deb Pelletier where she put down the Wave Pro Elite? She claimed to have tested it with a pencil and found it only gives 1mm and 5G of output.

I wonder what she would think about that machine you built that you called what, a level 5? That only puts out 1 or 2 mm but has the strongest pressure?

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-18 16:30:09


Please be very careful with lunges.  As an instructor with high energy machines I do not allow anyone to do lunges (at first I let the sprinters and netball athletes do them).  There is NO room for error!!!

I can’t emphasise that enough. The pressure on your front knee can be sufficient to cause injury over time, if you do not maintain perfect position. Squats, squats and more squats (no, really, not too many) are way more effective than the lunge. I realise your machine has less intensity than the ones I use but please be careful.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-18 14:48:41
Why does it get harder the longer I do Vibration Training  ..... ?
Usually if you were doing the same weight at the gym every time you went, it would eventually get easier, then you would shift up a weight. But what is going on in true Vibration Training is not even similar. For a start it is important to pin-point the exact poses that get harder, because not all of them do. They are always the "Direct Response"  poses. ( see here for the definition  )
This is where your body is either pushing or pulling in a direct response to the platform or handle bars. And the thing people fail to account for is if you get stronger and gain muscle cells ( important part of burning more fat ) that eccentric contraction will also get stronger and you will be using more cells and energy than ever before. So the "perceived exertion" should increase not decrease. 
Note: If anyone wishes to test the above theory it is simple, do resistance training alongside true Vibration Training and right at the point were Vibration Training seems to get harder, you will have a jump in strength at the gym.
Your husband and you should work until super fatigue sets in. This is the point of collapse in a position.  That time will extend as you use the product more. The perceived exertion rate will stay high, but your tolerance to the pain will increase.
Can your husband use the machine by himself .... ?
Sorry I can not answer that question. It really depends on a number of factors. His injury being cleared and his determination level to get everything correct. I know personal trainers I wont let on the machines without guidance. 
Patty Posted On:2011-09-18 13:47:58


I have the Wave Air Reflex and yes, it also does the funny rattle at sart up and when it stops.  At first Ithought this was wierd too.  My machine has slowing been inchng its way across the floor...t0 the point it finally pushed my tread mill out of the way..  I finally realized that it was the start up that made the machne jump a bit...which inched it across the floor.  I have noticed with my machine that there are different sounds depending on the setttings and poses I am doing.  Based on what Mike M found out from Jasper...I think your machine and mine are actually very simiiar...except that my digital screen gives the actual frequency and I an adjust in one hz increments.  Mine is also heavier. 

Anything is possible, so if you think the machine is not operating correctly, you need to call Wave and talk to them.  Mike M shoudl be able to compare what you are seeing with his machine.  i find the super squat to be the most difficult 43 and high...I am finally at 90 seconds...but not to the two minutes yet.  Although my legs are strong, I know you guys have more muscle and perhaps find them much easier to do.  Lunges are also try them if you haven’t already. When I first got my machine…most of the poses seemed easy at 38 and high during the first couple of uses.  But for some reason…the more consistent I have been with using the Wave….it seems to be harder at times. Not sure why this is…perhaps Lloyd could enlighten us on this.

Lloyd ...when you say that my husband should work his legs to the point of you mean soreness...or to the point he can not hold the pose?  I have not been successful in getting him to use the Wave much. He was very interested in using the machine until it arrived.. Now he seems to be afraid of it. After reading more of your articles…I have been able to get him to sit on his walker and just put his legs on he platform. I set it at 50 and high…for three minutes. He says it feels good. He won’t use the machine without me here….which perhaps is good, but unfortunately I have a very demanding work schedule, so I am not home a lot. In your opinion, should he be safe using he machine on his own? Also, is there a “best time of day” to exercise. I normally have to do my workout at 9pm …and it takes me about 40 minutes including the 10 minues of massage that I like to do at the end. Is this too late…or does it really matter?

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-18 13:23:49


Like Lloyd said, the rattle at startup and stop is normal on your type of machine. We have a similar one in the studio here and it takes about 5 seconds to get going and to stop.

Your query about the “feel” of the machine; I think you are comparing it with the sensation you feel on a pivotal machine which is a feeling of shaking your body.  This can be perceived as harder than the sensation of a medium energy lineal machine on a single position or one off session; it is a shake, it’s not the deep muscle contraction of the lineal which is what builds muscle strength. 

You must be very strict in getting into and holding perfect position, you’ll definitely feel the muscle contraction of you are doing it right – and get great results.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-18 09:34:13
A calculator is no good, as the theoretical and actual physical readings will not be the same.
A chart should be very easy to make given the engineering tests figures. .
Mike M. Posted On:2011-09-18 04:25:56

I may ask Jasper what the "G" rating would be for each level on the Exercise program. Or is there a formula I can use to calculate it myself?

Mike M. Posted On:2011-09-18 04:17:27


Try doing a semi-squat as in the IVTRB program, arms folded, don't hold the handles, on Exercise, high, level 7, for 2 minutes. Let me know if that burns or not. Oh, and don't use the blue pad. in fact, barefoot may be best.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-17 23:18:23
(1) It is highly unlikely the motors were damaged during delivery.  If you really think there is a problem then Wave should help.
(2)  By strict I mean maybe a few added poses for longer periods than 60sec. And by Stricter on a High Energy Lineal means perfect posture due to the leap in force being produced by the plate.
The Wave is a smooth unit to work with, which means it gives a decent punch in that 3mm ( or so )  but very controlled. Not like a Pivotal that seems "rough and hard"  but in physics terms much less force is being produced and directed into muscles. It is almost like a misdirection of sensations. 
ChrisL Posted On:2011-09-17 20:05:07


Thank you for the "rattle" answer.  I have 3 questions. I have been testing the machine and worked out on it and noticed quite different sounds from the motor at different levels, especially the higher levels and frequencies, it almost sounds damaged or laboring.  The reason I ask is I am wondering if the machine is defective for when delivered the Box at the base looked messed up and protruding out.  

1)     Is there a way to have my Contour Plus tested? Working properly.

2)     When I use the thick blue mat.  It is almost as if i cannot feel the vibration or effect.

3)     I read in previous post you consider Contour Plus a medium Energy Lineal machine.  You stated that you get results if you follow a strict program.  What do you mean Strict and does this mean if I purchased a High Energy machine I can be less strict with routine?

 The reason I ask you is I never tested the Contour Plus Prior to Purchase (long story).  I used other Machines and read very Positive reviews on Wave and you like the company and recommend a Steel unit from them.  I guess I am concerned because I worked out on it and did not feel exhausted or pumped or the effect as I have had on others. In fact I feel less engaged than I have on pivotal Machines and wondering if I made a mistake.   I debated back and forth Lineral vs. Pivital and chose Lineal because of stregnth and power and thought I could also develop Balance on it via various poses.  I am new  to WBV.

 Thank you for the help.



Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-17 17:15:13

If I am not mistaken Globus was the first company to list Gs in their touch screen programs alongside the Fq / Amplitude. Another company called SilverPlate also did this some years back. But the lack in education around this equipment meant no-one "got it".  

Mike M. Posted On:2011-09-17 15:39:12

Jasper just sent this note to me on Contour Plus


Stretch 1-10 coincides with a frequency of 30 to 40 Hertz
Exercise coincides with a frequency of 30 to 50 Hertz by increments of 2 Hz (3 Hz at the beginning and end to round off to 10 levels)
Massage coordinates to 45 to 50 Hertz


So I guess the magic 43 Hz would be level 7 on Exercise. There, that wasnt that bad, was it, Wave. You should really consider putting that bit in a manual or on the website somewhere. Jasper says that they considered putting the levels on as Gs instead of just levels, but didnt, and now Power Plate is doing that first with the My7. Hadnt heard of that model myself.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-17 13:56:39
Interesting final chapter in the story of this studio system.....
What happens if you choose the wrong equipment. And you suddenly get busy. 
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-17 13:55:36
The rattle is normal in a machine with a choice of high or low settings. It is the extra free floating weights on the motor.  You can always tell this because it only happens on start up and stop.
ChrisL Posted On:2011-09-17 12:47:59

To Lloyd, Patti or Mike M,


  I just purchased a Contour Plus and I am concerned about the sound I hear when I start and finish. My first day.  I get a rattleing just at the start  and an old car almost coughing.  I just unpacked the Countour Plus and have to sayI am dissappointed with the display.   3 exercise modes, Massage, Stretch and Exercise.  Levels 110. Thought there would be more guidence as well.  But main concern now is the rattle at the ver start and finish. Anyone experience this  It is Friday night and I can not speak withWave until Monday.  Dissappointed in NJ.


Thank you for you Help,


Patty Posted On:2011-09-16 12:15:01

Mike M

I am not surprised by your disappointment with Rochelles answers, but I am disapointed.  When I asked her questions prior to purchasing my Wave, she had to put me on hold to tlak to someone else.  She finally connected me with jasper and I spoke with him and felt much better with his answers.  I would think they would give you his email if you called the corporate office...or like may be able to talk with him directly.  He is very soft spoken, but very knowledgable.  I do think Lloyd is right....there are sales people that just sell....and those that sell but have the desire ot know everything about the product they sell. Too bad for Wave...they might sell even more machines if the sales for was more involved.  If Lloyd had not pointed me in their direction...I would not have bought from them.  Their Web site left a lot to be desired when I placed my order...and I told Rochelle that.  Hopefully she passes on comments from customers to their marketing people.

As people get more knowledgable about vibration training....  thanks to people Lloyd sharing the knowledge....companies will have to have highly informed sales people.....or they will lose sales.  Too bad for those that dont do their homework.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-16 07:34:21

Maybe the question to ask Rochelle is “How often do you use the Wave machine?”

Not that you need to be a technical expert to use one but she is listed as “Marketing Specialist” which surely requires more than basic sales information about the products.

Try phoning Wave and ask for the right person to answer your questions and  if that doesn’t help send an email with your list of questions to Lloyd and I’ll ask him to pass them on. His email is at bottom of page on Vibra-Train ( website.

Mike M Posted On:2011-09-16 03:07:03

I'm afraid I don't have Sidhu's email address.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-15 21:01:08
Mike M...
Regarding Rochelle's answers. Yes unfortunately there are those who simply "work" in the industry, and those who are "involved".
Maybe contacting Jasper Sidhu directly would be best. He write this article....  
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-15 13:58:42
Mike M...
If you want to just work out one leg. Then place a platform of the same height ( slightly higher )  next to the vibration plate and do your squats one leg on , one leg off.  The slight elevation will overload only the leg you want while still keeping perfect form.
Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-15 13:54:54
Mike M...
One legged squats are not recommended by me on vibration platforms of one reason. Losing form is almost guaranteed.
Watch the pose being held from behind and within 10 secs the standing leg will turn inwards . And the hip flexor will twist the opposite direction to counter the weight shift. My opinion is it will give short term benefits, but long term problems.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-09-15 08:37:18

Well, I have to say that Rochelle's answers to my questions were less than satisfactory. In response to my question about what the settings 1-10 in the various (stretch, exercise, massage) programs on the Contour Plus, she directed me to a pdf file on the website that appears to deal with the Pro Elite model. Not helpful. As for the dents in the blue pad, she says they should disappear in a few days. It's been almost a week and it doesn't look to me like they're going away. Maybe I'll give it a few more days, then I'll be a bit upset with her.

I am doing the entire IVTRB program except the stretch and the cellulite poses. And today I thought I'd try to address the problem with my bad knee with it (or start to). It has become obvious to me that the bad one has a somewhat smaller VMO than the good one has. The difference is visible. Not sure how it got that way. Maybe I was born that way and it took this long to show up as a problem. Anyway, I am doing one legged squats on my bad knee on the platform, for 60 seconds. They are extremely hard to do. The last 8 or 10 seconds are hard to hold form. I do not have the same difficulty doing those superman squats for 60 seconds using both legs. I think maybe my good leg does most of the work, robbing the bad one of most of the benefit. The one legged squat prevents this.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-09-12 20:12:32
Straps.....  You do not need the handle bars or straps for decent results. Mine were designed so the machine can extend to a larger demographic ( disabled due to injury or obesity or athletes ). Most companies will take years to develop or release anything like it since it is a major step in engineering terms. You must understand most companies struggle with the basics eg... building machines without limitations..
Note A lot of the poses I banned years ago were because I knew what kind of machinery was going to released in the future.     
Safety Mat.....  Just make your own mat. Most rubber / pool places will sell foam thick enough to do this and the spray glue needed.
Seated abs....  I do not personally recommend it, because of safety reasons even though it is effective. The fact is most people are simply not fastidious enough to remember to put the mat on the machine every time. And with the more powerful steel machines, that could cause a real injury to the tailbone. The kind of thing that could put an end to all your training. So only do it if you are not the kind of person who forgets stuff.
People who have only ever had access to weak plastic Power Plates would fail to comprehend this. 
Am I too safe, probably too safe for some in the industry. Even Physios. I train everybody as though they are human and will forget important stuff, and already carrying an injury. Which does sound limiting. But that's a reputation I can live with.       
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-12 19:04:03

We do not do the seated abdominal position on Vibra-Train machines. I don’t consider that a safe position on lineal machines – if you do it please make sure you have 2-3 layers of rubber mat under you. Leaning backward, makes the force hit the tail bone on an unsafe angle, in my opinion, despite it being on the program you’ve received and even given that your machines are not as high force as the ones I use.  It’s one of those “better safe than sorry” situations. 

Your abdominals are worked in just about every pose and you cannot target abdominal fat anyway, the muscles there being too small to do that. Your squats, hard work using the big muscles of the body, are the answer to fat reduction and the pelvic stability pose strengthens that area.

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-09-12 18:54:48

Mike M and Patty

You are going a process of evaluating your machines and the extras (straps, mats etc) and the programs you’ve been given, and comparing them (supposedly designed for your specific machines) with the IVTRB  Safety Program which is very exacting but simple and short duration overall.  I went through that process long ago; I went to many studios and tried machines in sales showrooms with differing programs.  I soon decided the IVTRB program gave me the best results by far. 

Now as an instructor I value the IVTRB program very much more as its effective for everyone, carded athletes through to the 80+ aged people I get in the studio.  You must be very careful to follow the step by step instructions and get someone to watch over you when possible, even get them to read the instructions to you. If you start in the perfect position and maintain that, correcting as necessary (correct down about 4x in each 60 second squat – everyone pulls away, upward) you will find the program both hard and very effective; it’s an invigorating feeling to finish it with the 2 minute super squat when you are able.

Mike M Posted On:2011-09-12 14:29:02


Yes I tried the Pro Elite at the chiro's office that one time. He set it to continuously vary the frequency, I think it was from 35-45, up and down and back up again, over and over. I remember thinking I wish I could just set it in the 40's and maybe adjust it up and down just a bit to see because the 30's was way too easy.

The "air mattress" is what Lloyd is calling the Wave AWT which is on all three metal models they have, mine too, but not the Chinese plastic model Contour. I think the main difference in the three models is platform size and weight and weight capacity (and it appears the Contour Plus menus are dumbed down about as much as possible) and that the Contour Plus lacks that lower level menu panel that you can use while not standing up.

I was kind of thinking the straps are pretty useless, I may just pack them up and toss in the closet with the poster. I tried the biceps pose which is standing on the platform doing a curl, but it didn't feel like it was doing too much. Thought it was me.

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