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Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-10 22:30:41

William / MT

Your machine is NOT a training platform. It is useful for gentle stimulation, circulation,  can help increase bone density with long term use.  Is this what you bought it for? Also, It won't cope with the weight of most NZers.

If you wanted a serious muscle building, training machine you bought a dud, mate. Should have asked us first.

Check it out here,


At least you didn't pay much for the VT-96 - Best give it away to an old Granny client. Oh, Have you tried it out yourself yet?  

William Posted On:2011-11-10 21:17:55

Hey Lloydshaw it's MThere from Trade Me Message Boards  contact me  I have bought a Vib Trainer and need some advice mate so can use it with my clients the best way possible  also need an instruction manual for it  VT96 American Fitness model

Sheryl Posted On:2011-11-10 04:19:04

Patty, We have not heard any updates on your WAVE machine fix.  Does that mean you are busy training on a now repaired machine... 

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-09 18:02:54
I personally do not use added weight, as I am in the middle of a 10 year experiment to see what just using my own mass on different level machines can do.
I only advise people trying added weights, no matter what that is, to be safe than sorry.   
Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-09 17:24:34

Hey, this is really cool. Now we have two guys in here, Lloyd and MikeP, that the casual VT user might view as hard core. And from the sound of it, experienced and successful at it. Prepare to have your brains picked.

Have either of you experimented with using weights along with (during) VT, such as a weight vest, or perhaps holding dumbells or kettlebells while doing poses? Do you thing it a worthwhile addition or is it a waste of time?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-09 11:54:39
I can do a 2 minute push up ( just ) on a level 2.  ( 3mm 43 hz )
But forget the level 5 ( 0.7mm 43hz )
MikeP Posted On:2011-11-09 05:35:02

Mike M

I usually do it on the plank, push up and tricep hold. I am sure if I were on one of Lloyds machines that may be a little different. For me it does not hurt my shoulder and I feel like I still make gains without lifting weights. I still do pull ups and occasional deadlifts but thats about it.

Keith Posted On:2011-11-09 05:24:52

Di, Now you tell me I could have rested between minute 1 and minute 2 of the superman........ All those tears and frustation in the early days.......... I think I need to give some thought to replacing my mat which is made out of some sort of foam. Any suggestions on the replacement.  Have you finished celebrating the all Black win yet.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-08 19:02:20
I have done the 2 minute push-up several times. But really it is just too punishing on my machines.
I end up almost in tears rolling around on the floor in a fetal position waiting for my arms to work again. 
I personally think it is just pushing to too far.
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-08 18:03:36

Mastering the Standard Program is the first aim – never move to advanced work until you can do the poses precisely – perfect position – from the very start to the very end of the 60 seconds.

Then increase the Super Squat to two minutes.  You do this by decreasing the rest time between Super Squat number 1 and Super Squat number 2 until there is no rest time at all; just turn the machine back on. Then put them together – 2 minutes Super Squat.

When that is mastered and not moving too quickly – form is the most important factor – you can do two minutes of Pose 1 Basic Squat, Pose 3 Wide Stance Squat.  Then the pelvic stability/plank and tricep dip. The stretch position is left at 60 seconds, there’s no real gain by increasing it.

Advance from the Mini Push-Up (on knees) to the Full Push-Up whenever you are ready but it’s rare to attempt  2 minutes  - this might depend on the force of the machine you are using, on some it will be easier than others.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-08 13:40:00


Really? Which ones do you go two minutes on? I know about the Super Squat; which others?

I know I've seen it said here that a two minute pushup is a bad idea...

MikeP Posted On:2011-11-08 11:42:28


I could not agree more. It is sad when a simple thing like customer service is neglected.

Mike M

I follow Lloyds work out. I also do Kettle Bells and some TRX. But really the only constant is Mon,Wed,Fri Wave. I had shoulder surgery last year and Vibration training has allowed me to stay in great shape. I went from around 230 and freaky looking to 205 and feel much better. I do go a little longer though, I try and do 2 minutes at a time. I know on certain exercises that may be impossible.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-07 22:12:44
Yes funny when an "industry leaders"  studios half way around the world are following our program word for word. For the exact reason described in the article. The retail company had rubbished our work for years, but their customers are choosing to follow our advice instead.
If I only had a dollar for every time that had happened.  
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-11-07 16:41:46

As the head trainer in a very busy studio I am totally in awe of the Vibra-Train Safety Program (

It’s Springtime in New Zealand and we have new customers joining up every day.  I know the program is great, I’ve taught it for years but I am astounded at the number of people we can put through the studio in just 15 minutes (including short rests between positions). 

It’s a totally walk in studio so each person begins their program at a different time, we don’t run classes; everyone is doing a different pose – one trainer on the floor – 10 machines.

Here’s the Step by Step Instructions:  (

This program is being used in all Vibra-train studios and many other brands of studios worldwide.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-05 12:05:39


What is a typical workout for you on your Wave?

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-05 11:31:30
MikeP .. 
  As an engineer I know things happen with moving machinery. Especially if it vibrates. We only got a bit negative over WAVE with the lack luster after sales service. Which brings the referral system we do here into disrepute.
 For me what I see at present is a massive lack of respect for the sales we send some companies way. Sure they love taking the check and cashing it quickly but seem to not appreciate it comes with a certain expectation. If they do not want to live up to that expectation, turn down the referral ( they always know where it comes from ) . Simple really.
But how many sales based mindset people have what it takes to do that ?
This lack of respect and understanding of the process shows a mindset I have seen before and it did not bode well for anyone in the past. 
The reason it is so important......  It gives small quality based companies a chance to compete against companies like Power Plate and Vibra-Slim that put 90% of their revenue into non deserved self promotion ( Eg We are the industry standard, #1 etc... )  which is hard to fight. So reputation becomes your best chance to compete. But reputation is based on two way communication.
What we offer is any company out there a chance to build up an online reputation that can, and will I believe, eventually out compete non deserved self promotion.
Eg...  If I released a home machine tomorrow. I am pretty sure they would not be hard to sell. Non of that is based on my marketing.         
Note: Every company has problems, any that tell you otherwise if full of it. The question is, how fast was any issue fixed up. Companies should also make sure anyone representing them actually use the equipment 3 times a week as recommended.  And they should read the forum the referrals are coming from. Anything else is just plain lazy right ?               
MikeP Posted On:2011-11-05 05:46:40

I see all of the negative attention that the Wave is getting. I have had mine for 6 months now and no problems at all. I love it. I just think that sometimes things happen. I love the platform and will continue using it. I have not been to the gym in 6 months and decided to test the theory. I wanted to see if I lost anything in my squat. I know this is not reccomended but hey  I had too. Haha... So I ended up easily hitting 405 for 8 reps. I felt more stable than ever and very strong. I am a believer in this technology. You just have to be consistant with it and not use it as a coat rack. Just an FYI... I emailed Jasper a few days ago and got a response in 24 hours. So far I am impressed with the product. I do agree with Lloyd in that an LCD screen is not always a good idea. Looks great but the only looks I am worried about is on my body.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-04 15:55:55

I have been strictly following my own program for 5 over years now. And the changes my body has gone through were, even though predicted by me in the beginning ( theory usually being different than practical ), have been surprisingly effective. Especially directly compared to my mates who are still gym fanatics.

Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-03 07:12:20

Di, Patty, Lloyd et al

Just a note to say I took Di's advice and started a 3 week program doing the IVTRB program pretty much straight up. That's not to say I haven't done a bit of experimenting though. Today marks the 8th session since I began and I've kept tabs on it with a little note file I'm keeping on the computer so I can keep track of what level, frequency, etc I've used on what days and my other activities, and also my overall level of energy because I don't want to overdo the other stuff. I've noticed that if I do too much other stuff too close together, the VT just becomes really difficult, and I wanted to give it an honest good trial for the 3 weeks period.

My little experiment has involved some (minimal) use of the weight vest, in a mode of just to see if I can do this and does it seem to have an effect. Today only I wore the vest loaded with 25# but only for the upper body poses. To my surprise I was able to complete the full 60 seconds on each with the vest. Not long ago I struggled to do that with no vest. So progress is being made there. The squat poses were also done but no added weight on those. I am finding the Super Squat plenty difficult without added weight here lately. The main difference I noted using the vest was, it was a bit harder and I actually broke a sweat doing those upper body poses (usually I do not), so it does have an effect.

Since I have kept notes I have been switching from levels as low as 5 (39 Hz) to as high as 10 (50 Hz) or anywhere in between. Not sure I can tell a whole lot of difference there, to be honest. Seems to depend on how recently I did something else much more than the frequency.

My schedule basically centers around 2 2-hour sessions per week of pickup basketball. Those are tough and I don't do anything else on those days. The exception might be the Sunday session - it's early afternoon and if I feel up to it I might do VT that evening. Otherwise, I am also walking 3-5 miles a day wearing that 25# (just up from 20#) vest.

Since I started this I have found my stamina and energy are increasing, along with overall strength. I like this program!

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-11-02 21:04:57
Well as predicted good quality platforms are going up in price, not down.......
The new Fit-Vibe , which is a good unit but definitely not "the best" is going up to 20K + Tax in NZ soon. 
Mike M. Posted On:2011-11-01 23:11:14

Well wow...

It might have saved time if they'd sent more than one part the first time, and just let the guy keep swapping till it fixed it, then send everything back.

I hope this is not representative of what might happen if my machine breaks too. Knock on wood.

Patty Posted On:2011-11-01 14:58:25

Mike M and Lloyd

Well, the saga continues. Gentleman from a local fitness company came out on Friday to repair my Wave Air Reflex. I had business meetings that morning, so my husband was there to meet him. The replacement screen had arrived on Wednesday. He installed the new screen, but it did not fix my machine. I didn’t really think it would, so I have to say I was not surprised when my husband called to tell me. I don’t think the guy was any type of authorized repair person, just a fitness trainer.

I did need a new screen…so hopefully the new one will work better.

Now they are sending another part….more than likely the one that Sandy said I needed during my first called with him. A part that starts up the two motors. Had he made notes from my call, he would have remembered which part was needed.

I will be out of town for several days, but hope that the new part will arrive while I am gone. 

So, I shall continue without a machine. I am grateful my lively hood does not rely on my Wave! I would not recommend the machines for a commercial environment. I guess it’s treading and weight lifting for another week or two…hopefully no longer!

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-31 22:03:13
Another "fitness expert" PT decides to publish their opinion on Vibration Training.
Have lost count how many of them have had to eat their words in NZ. Even top academics. Why do they put themselves in such a precarious position as to be exposed as a short sighted idiot later ?
PhilippaCHurch Posted On:2011-10-31 21:59:25

Hi Willie

Hope all is going well.  We have sometimes arranged one to one sessions with people who do not like to exercise with others fr various different reasons.  This is possible if you want to give us a call.  Philippa at Resonance.

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-31 11:24:15
HyperVibe units are closer in specs to Galileo.
And yes Pivotal and Lineal are both great for bone health.
Will Posted On:2011-10-31 02:52:40

For a diagnosis of osteoporosis, I would assume a low energy plate such as the Juvent 1000 or a pivotal machine.  I notice that this site recommends the nitrofit, which is a pivotal.  I am interested in this device and am wondering what about this company has this site recommending this product.  Are the specs and construction very similar to the galileo.  Thanks for any assistance. 

Lloyd Shaw Vibra-Train Posted On:2011-10-26 21:27:23
I know it is frustrating for some, but my idea of a closed system of High Energy machines, a strict program and not retailing machines to the public is what Vibra-Train represents.
I am confident market forces will produce better quality machines in the future due to our work and standards.
Note: My studio does have an area out the back for people who do not want to be seen. And we are working hard to get machines into health facilities that cater for morbid obesity . At present we offer this service fee of charge in some places.    
Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-26 11:41:21


About home machines, there are varying qualities but few are high energy enough for serious work. Price needs to be balanced with how long you will use the machine before you plateau (or get bored as happens with home equipment). Unless you buy a professional or commercial machine there will always be limits to what it can do for you.  Price of a quality machine is determined by what its made of; it’s the cheap, mass produced ones that cost $80 to make and sell for $1000+

It’s sad that advertising plays on our media created desires for extreme beauty (rather than self acceptance) and the extreme body (rather than a strong, fit body) and it can be sexist.  Ignore it.

I used to believe, like you, that Vibra-Train maybe should make a high quality home machine but now I disagree. I now realise how important supervised training is. I’ve seen how badly people follow step-by-step instructions plus the many who second guess or think they know better.  I watch people who have come into the studio for over 2 years and know the program well; then they just decide to do it differently or they just get it wrong.  A regular home machine must allow for these deviations from perfect position, so it cannot be the very best possible.  Any injuries reflect badly on the supplying company even when the individual is negligent.

In New Zealand there are times when a Vibra-Train or maybe another high energy platform is placed in a private home or public health setting where one person is fully trained up and takes responsibility for the use of it.  It’s like a micro studio for a group of people for a specific purpose. 

But for your needs, if you possibly can get to ResonanceVT  twice a week, Just Do It! No excuses!

Di Heap/VibePlus Posted On:2011-10-26 10:27:53

Hi Willie

I’m not a slim, athletic, young trainer. I’ve had to cope with slurs from within the industry (not the “look”) and occasionally from customers because I’m bigger and worse since last year as I had health problems.  While not as big as you I am battling the same issues.  Almost all customers relate to me well – we are in this together.

There are ways around the floor positions – except for one the poses can be done upright using the machine with side vibrating handlebars.  Some studios have a separate room, ours holds the bigger machines for athletes but one machine is also suitable for assisted poses.  

Even simpler, in this studio you would start by sitting on a chair with your feet on the front edge of the machine for 3 minutes x 3 times, followed by one or two assisted squats  (using the side handlebars for support and so your upper body gets a workout too).  You would progress from this ONLY when you hold the assisted squats perfectly.

You would WORK HARD even in these simplest poses.  Currently I have a few customers bigger than you and they are male. I am not nice and kind to them. One calls me “evil”; another says I am harder on him than Lloyd is.  I don’t quite subscribe to the “biggest loser” trainer mentality - I don’t want my clients having heart attacks but you would have to leave your embarrassment at the door.  Your life is more important than worrying about others.

Willie Posted On:2011-10-26 01:45:20

Di Heap,

Yes i have a Bodyshaker, the lower powered one not the pro.I am too heavy for this machine and probably need to upgrade but the cost of doing so is very prohibitive and quite frankly annoying as it is obvious the mark up on all WBV machines is extreme.

I was kindly given the oppurtunity to try a Vibratrain machine with ResonanceVT in Ampthill, UK.The staff where very friendly and very proffessional and the machine itself was brilliant absolutely brilliant.There was no staring or comments or anything that anyone done or said that put me off the concept just the fact that a 200kg guy trying to exercise in public is not an easy thing to do on a mentall level ie. getting up off the floor after the press up or plank is a very embarrassing thing to have to do.

Perhaps if studios had a seperate area for obese or morbidly obese people it would help.I know you mean well Di but untill you are this size i doubt you will truelly understand.

Also from what i can see an awful lot of the industry here in the UK seems to be focusing on the "beauty" side of things which means basically that u dont see many super obese males in these places.This is not a sexist remark, it just adds to the embarrassment and shame factor for me anyway.

I honestly do believe there is a huge oppurtunity for Lloyd to provide home use machines to people like me and the general public.I think he is unintentionally excluding most of the world from his amazing machines by insisting on the studio concept..

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